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Spring Fashion Color #4

Pantone’s Top 10 Color Trends for Spring 2012


4. Cabaret (Pantone color number 18-2140)

Cabaret is literally a hot pink. Don’t you love hot pink? I do. It’s a “Look at me now” shade of pink that’s extremely flattering, warms pale skin tones and contrasts well with darker complexions. The key to making this vibrant color work for you is to pair a hot pink dress with decidedly adult shoes like sophisticated black pumps or strappy nude stilettos. A simple, black or metallic clutch works best too. If the idea of drawing a lot of attention to yourself makes you quiver, you can access the trend with an accessory. Switch it up with a studded, pink suede evening bag, fabulous shoes or show stopping earrings. Lipstick or blush which will add an instant edge to anything you wear. Oh, and keep in mind that a woman in hot pink can’t be a bore. You had better have some zingers if you plan to swan around in hot pink. Think Holly Golightly…….I’m just saying….

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Starfish (Pantone color number 16-1120)

Pantone’s Top 10 Color Trends for Spring 2012

Pantone’s Top 10 Color Trends for Spring 2012






1. Tangerine Tango (Pantone color number 17-1463)

A bright, juicy, happy color that is wonderfully flattering on all skin tones. I have had a lovely time over the last few days pouring over a plethora of combinations this particularly vibrant color will work with. My personal favorite, and by far the most popular, is tangerine, white and navy. I just LOVE this combination! Particularly matched with denim, tangerine’s brilliant color attracts a lot of attention – it just screams ‘World, look out ‘cuz here I come’ through a megaphone.  Doesn’t everyone need a pair of tangerine espadrilles?  They say “I am fun but don’t mess with me”.  How can you NOT be empowered to do the best at everything that comes your way? I’m just saying…. Look for additional colorful pairings with black, off-white and lighter neutral colors.


Pantone’s Top 10 Color Trends for Spring 2012





2.  Solar Power (Pantone color number 13-0759)

Yellow, from mustard to marigold, is one of Spring’s hottest color trends (pardon the pun!) and this golden yellow channels its warmest undertones. Along with its partner tangerine, (which is seriously EVERYWHERE this Spring), the bright hue is adding a “little ray of sunshine” to wardrobes that are otherwise dominated by lots of gray and even more black…. Not too keen on rocking a bright yellow top?  If yellow scares you, it’s understandable but take it from me, find a way to incorporate yellow into your wardrobe.  Start small, by adding a shopper tote or textured bag or my personal preference, a pair of fabulous “Hello, I’m here and have we met yet?” kind of shoes in this high-wattage color. I’m just saying……

Still too big of a risk, then accessories are a great way to add a pop of sunshine color whether through bangles, a whimsical necklace, or cocktail rings. And of course, an awesome yellow umbrella would be a delightfully, sassy way to brighten any old rainy day!




Pantone’s Top 10 Color Trends for Spring 2012






3. Sodalite blue (Pantone color number 19-3953)

For those who love a nautical navy in the springtime, the cool blue tones in this color really matches the rich royal blue undertones of its mineral namesake. Whether you’re sporting the nautical trend with navy blue and white stripes, or sticking with a simple all-blue shift dress, navy blue is a complementary color on almost all skin types and tones. Look for sleek, form-fitting dresses, French cuff shirts and dark wash jeans in this color to round out your wardrobe. We all know that navy “anchors” the traditional, basic nautical colors but tangerine and yellow will give you new twist to the nautical theme. Adding Cabaret (October 24) and Margarita (November 7) can give a whole new dimension to the trend. Knowing ways on how to wear the nautical trend can definitely bring the best out of the new season. This is a trend that will never go out of style. It is a classic look that can definitely make you stand out among the crowd. It probably doesn’t hurt that the Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) frequently wears similar colors. After all, her husband is in the Royal navy….I’m just saying…..



 Cabaret (Pantone color number 18-2140)


How to attract salon customers

Attracting new customers and then retaining them is the core of any salon business. A salon professional with a blend of great talent and a warm and engaging personality will be on their way to a successful career. It is important to monitor and measure the revenue for each customer. Important information to the customer combined with their economic value is referred to as the customer factor.

In the salon business, good customers can turn out to be good friends. Not only can you get great pleasure from knowing you are helping others look and feel their best, but your talent to build up these connections will go far in creating your economic success.

The regular loyal customer visits a salon every 6 weeks. This corresponds to approximately 8 visits a year. First time customers, hardly ever get more than a haircut. And, only one out of ten first time customer buys a beauty product on the first visit. Extraordinary service coagulates customer professional relationship.

The fourth visit for about 6 months after the first visit, customers spend an average of $50 on services and about $10 on beauty products. Salon industry statistics show that a satisfied customer refers 3 new customers. Therefore, one customer can lead to many new customers. In contrast, if the customer is dissatisfied, they will tell as many as 10 people about their dissatisfaction. The economic value of losing a customer should not be seen to lose an average ticket, but the possibilities to losing more than 100 possible referrals.

To be successful salon professional, you will need to attract and retain loyal customers. Normally, customers will come from 3 sources:

  • The salon’s efforts
  • Your efforts
  • Someone else’s recommendation

In the salon industry, bringing customers into the salon is everyday and everyone’s job. The salon professional who is proactive enough to do what it takes to bring customers and is experienced enough to offer quality services is well on their way to successful career.