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Warm Up Your Makeup – Winter is here!

The winter is finally here, and along with it, some very chilly temperatures. It is general facts that the cold can do chaos on your customers’ skin, but did you know that it can also influence the makeup you put on them? Cool weather can momentarily change the consistency of your makeup, which is more often than not designed to be applied at room temperature. Application will be dissimilar if you try to apply your makeup outside of usual temperature range. For example, an eyeliner pencil placed on a cold counter top may perhaps feel dry and rough to the lid, making it inconvenient for the customer. This doesn’t signify the pencil has gone bad, it just indicates you have to warm it up to bring it back to room temperature. In order to bring it back to room temperature, roll the pencil between your hands and then draw small lines on the back of your hand to warm the core. Once the core is warmed, the application should be silky smooth as normal. Final tip: do not put your cosmetics to electric heat in order to warm it up. Electric heat to your cosmetics in not recommended.