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15 Ways to take care of your hair

Here are some common tips for taking care of your hair. If your hair is already damaged or sensitive to stress these are even more important tips.

  1. Brush your hair on a regular basis before going to bed every night.
  2. Wash your hair with gentle shampoo. Use very little but sufficient to cover it completely with foam. Use a conditioner to keep hair manageable.
  3. Avoid brushing wet hair. This causes the hair to stretch and eventually break. Finger-dry, or use a comb instead of a brush to lightly remove the knots.
  4. Avoid blow-drying your hair. The blow drying is harsh on hair because it removes the moisture.
  5. Avoid dyes. Use henna instead as a conditioner and dye.
  6. Take a calcium supplement or drink 2 glasses of milk every day.
  7. Keep hair dryer away from your hair.
  8. After a perm, in no way brush your hair. As an alternative, comb the hair gently.
  9. Trim your hair once in a week to prevent split ends.
  10. Avoid pulling back your hair tightly.
  11. Avoid the use of rubber band on your hair as it can pull and damage your hair.
  12. Avoid going out in the sun without your head covered.
  13. Use some vitamin E oil or similar and massage your head as this makes hair soft and silky.
  14. Avoid very hot or very cold water while washing your hair.
  15. Get a good night’s sleep. Hair loss can occur due to stress. Eat foods rich in vitamin B, c and E.

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