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How to attract salon customers

Attracting new customers and then retaining them is the core of any salon business. A salon professional with a blend of great talent and a warm and engaging personality will be on their way to a successful career. It is important to monitor and measure the revenue for each customer. Important information to the customer combined with their economic value is referred to as the customer factor.

In the salon business, good customers can turn out to be good friends. Not only can you get great pleasure from knowing you are helping others look and feel their best, but your talent to build up these connections will go far in creating your economic success.

The regular loyal customer visits a salon every 6 weeks. This corresponds to approximately 8 visits a year. First time customers, hardly ever get more than a haircut. And, only one out of ten first time customer buys a beauty product on the first visit. Extraordinary service coagulates customer professional relationship.

The fourth visit for about 6 months after the first visit, customers spend an average of $50 on services and about $10 on beauty products. Salon industry statistics show that a satisfied customer refers 3 new customers. Therefore, one customer can lead to many new customers. In contrast, if the customer is dissatisfied, they will tell as many as 10 people about their dissatisfaction. The economic value of losing a customer should not be seen to lose an average ticket, but the possibilities to losing more than 100 possible referrals.

To be successful salon professional, you will need to attract and retain loyal customers. Normally, customers will come from 3 sources:

  • The salon’s efforts
  • Your efforts
  • Someone else’s recommendation

In the salon industry, bringing customers into the salon is everyday and everyone’s job. The salon professional who is proactive enough to do what it takes to bring customers and is experienced enough to offer quality services is well on their way to successful career.