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Nail Care

Mostly we have set their hands and hence the nails, water, detergents, cleaning supplies many of them are not good for their chemicals, and all these products that help nails will ruin us, starting, scales with frequent use.

It is also difficult for many of us stop using them, because as a result we should stop washing, cleaning, but we can start taking habits to improve the appearance of our hands and nails.

It is very important to wear them right because they are vital to a good presence.

But not just a cosmetic problem, depending on the condition of the nails can detect problems in our body, lack of protein and minerals in the diet, lack of calcium, hormonal problems, among other things, so it is recommended that care so much health of them and to maintain its beauty.

As mentioned the lack of calcium, iron is usually felt in the nails are weaker, they are composed of protein, so it is good to add to the daily diet protein, minerals and vitamins.

When performing prolonged washing or activities of daily living such as cleaning the home, we wear gloves because the water also damages the nails, let alone if we use products such as detergents, soaps, so if we do as usual but with the help gloves we keep important factors weaken the nails.

Also after contact with water, for example after washing hands, it is not healthy either stop washing our hands; we can if you use one hand and nail cream moisturizer.

Also regularly use a manicure suitable to perform a cleaning or treatment more thoroughly, perhaps we do not do, where you remove the cuticle and waste are being removed from more and can be a focus of infection as well as we should take care that If the keep long nails does not accumulate dirt under them, as this can also bring bacteria.

Almond oil and Olive are very good care of your nails; they can apply a few drops of either oil every so often to keep them moist.

When you remove the polish we use, we must ensure that we use no remover containing acetone, it is not good for nails, and if we use first a layer of a strengthener before placing the enamel, with that going to help to keep them strong.

They talk a lot about our health in some respects, therefore, should we choose good habits not only help aesthetically, but also provide care for our bodies

How to Care for Your Nails

Do you know how to properly cut and clean your nails? It is so important that you do. It may not seem essential, but is in fact as important as washing your hair and having a bath.


1 : Clean your hands and wrists with soap and warm water. This will prevent the accumulation of bacteria on your hands and can prevent dirt under your nails getting worse.

2 : To clean under your nails, use a clean nail brush. Make sure it is clean, or else you may transfer dirt and skin cells back under your nails.

3 : Wash off all the soap and dry your hand on a clean, soft cloth (towel).

4 : While your nails are soft, cut them. The more frequently you cut them, the stronger they will grow out to be.

5 : Use a nail file, but make sure you use only in one direction.

6 : Use a hand lotion / cream.

7 : Do this routine every day. But only cut your nails when needed, or else your nails will be too short.


  • Always do it when you’ve ridden a bike, gone rock climbing etc.
  • Take care of your hands… they are very important!
  • If you play a musical instrument, make sure your nails aren’t too long, as it may make it difficult to play.
  • Do the same with your feet, because they support your weight all day, and get tired out too.
  • If your nails are all different lengths then cut them all very short and let them grow together. If they start to grow differently then cut the big ones until they are the same as the others.


  • DO NOT bite your nails
  • Do not pick at the skin around your nails

Things You’ll Need

  • Nail cleaner
  • Warm water
  • Hand cream (Optional)
  • Soap