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What kind of nail enhancements are you wearing?

When you select a nail enhancement, do you know how to make the perfect choice? Are you familiar with the differences between different types of nail enhancements? Let’s have a look at different types of nail enhancements.

What is a UV Gel?

A UV Gel is a “gel” applied by a brush to the nail in 2-4 layers, then cured under a UV light. There is no powder used in the application of UV Gel nails.

Once the gel has hardened, it is filed and varnished to shape, and a final layer of gel is applied sparsely to seal the product to have a long lasting shine. Nail polish never chips off the UV Gel.

Normal refill is about 2-3 weeks. However, you can go as long as 6 weeks or more. The do not yellow and never require to be removed to be re-done. If it does require to be removed, it is easily filed to its thinner layer, and then buffed off.

What is an Acrylic?

An acrylic is a combination of powder and liquid applied to the nails, then left to harden by itself. A brush is dipped into a liquid and then into a powder creating a bead on the brush and finally applied onto the nail. A high quality acrylic will harden completely in about 24-48 hours. On the other side, a low quality toxic acrylic will take up about two weeks to cure completely. Normal refill is about 2-3 weeks. However, some may go longer than this. Some acrylics may yellow. It is easily removed by soaking in acetone.

What are Gel-Resins?

Do not baffle this with UV Gel. Gel in this case refers to the adhesive used. Both Gel and Resin are adhesives and have different viscosity. Gel is first applied to the nails, and then the fingertip is dipped into an acrylic powder and finally resin is applied. One can apply another coat of powder and resin if needed.

Gel resins are fragile and leaky. Because they are leaky, they can easily lifted, hence requires recurrent maintenance. They can be removed easily by soaking in acetone.

Gel-resins are ideal for one off occasion or for those that aren’t rough with their hands.

What is Fibreglass, Linen & Silk Wraps?

Wraps are used to strengthen natural nails. A piece of fibreglass, linen or silk is cut to fit the nail. Then resin is applied and cured with activator. Linen became outdated when fibreglass and silk fabrics were introduced. Silk wraps can be completely transparent but are not very strong. On the other side, fibreglass is strong and great for temporary natural nails. But, sooner or later, wraps will discolor, breakdown in water, and become fragile. They can be easily removed with acetone.