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Tanning tax worries tanning salon owners

Getting fully illuminated sun skin became a bit expensive since July 1, as the new tanning tax came into effect nationwide.

A recently enacted federal tax on tanning services has angered salon owners and frustrated customers who are shelling out more green to go bronze.

All indoor UV tanning services now come with a tax of 10% attached to tab. The new tax is expected to raise U.S. $ 2.7 billion over 10 years to fund the recently approved revision of the health system.

Local tanning salon owners say they are bracing for the impact they foresee the tax will have on sales, mostly independent tanning salon owners.

Healthcare professionals and the legislation’s followers say the tanning tax will help pay for healthcare changes and discourage UV (ultraviolet) tanning, which the American Academy of Dermatology has linked to a 75% increased risk of melanoma.

Melanoma is the most frequent form of cancer for 25- to 29-year-old and the second most general form of cancer for 15- to 29-year-old.

But the tax has left many in the tanning services industry and small business advocates shelling.

The tanning services industry supporters say the tax unjustly penalizes small businesses already struggling to bring in customers in tough economic times.

Though the UV tanning price will be affected by the tax, other aspects of the tanning services industry will be kept safe from tax increases.

Products such as suntan (tanning) lotions and oils are still sold with a single state’s general sales tax attached and spray tanning will not be affected by tanning treasure.

It’s certainly going to take a bite out of tanning salons budget, but it’s not going to stop tanning salon owners.

Must Have Nail Salon Equipments

Many women go to nail salons no less than once a month for pedicures, manicures, and other services. Actually, all women go to nail salons to look good.

Nail salons are beauty care facilities that offer nail care such as pedicures, manicures, and nail enhancements. Typically, nail salons offer services for skin care. According to the popular Nails Magazine, there are approximately 38,000 nail salon facilities in the United States only. Apart from this, the people who do this type of services are known as nail technicians.

A pedicurist, nail technician, and manicurist offer varieties of services such as nail shaping and cleaning in order to make a more attractive nail, pushing and softening cuticles and applying nail polish on them. There are also great selections of nail salon equipments, few of them are: nail dryers, pedicure and manicure accessories, manicure tables, foot bath, and pedicure stools, body and spa equipments etc.

Equipments that are used in nail salons differ from salons that only offer hair styling services. The necessary materials are a bit expensive, depending on the brands and things that owners need.

The essential equipments that are required in starting a nail salon business are listed below:

Manicure Table: This is the most common equipment that almost if not all nail salons use. It’s like a desk that lets the nail technicians to work on a steady and ample surface. Usually, manicure tables have storage drawers, swivel casters and a hand rest.

High end manicure tables have extra features including built-in electrical sockets, polish racks, and vents. Typical manicure tables are made out of wood laminate for easy cleaning and durability. Such typical manicure table’s price ranges from US$ 100 to US$ 1000. Prices of course depend on the offered features as well as the materials used.

Nail Dryer: It is normally used to dry nails and they are normally placed on top of the manicure table to allow customers to dry their nails.

Padded Chair: This equipment is necessary for pedicure spas, where customers sit and relax whilst the nail technicians do their work. The majority of padded chairs also offer rolling back massages. It is attached to a foot spa, where customers can soak their feet before they have their nail treatment. Foot spas offer full feet and lower legs massages. Such typical padded chairs are easily available and it will cost around US$ 3000 to US$ 4000.

Technicians Stool: This is a little stool that gives nail technicians to get a better angle facing the customers while doing nail treatments.

Hot Towel Warmer: This equipment pampers the customers and makes them dry because of this warm towel. Generally, it is used for body and facial services. In terms of dimensions, it has a 13 inches width, inches depth, and 10 inches height.

Beauty Equipment Set: This beauty equipment set includes a shaver, nail polisher, trimmer, mirror, eyelash curler, and lighted tweezers. This equipment also includes a color box and has a size of 22 X 13.1 X 6.9 centimeters.

Spa Salon Furniture – Make Your Salon Attractive And Comfortable

Are you a beauty salon or spa salon owner or going to start your won spa or beauty salon? If so, then keep reading. You will get benefits by innovative ideas and suggestion given below. As an owner of your own spa salon, you should be looking for new ways to attracting more and more customers, so that you can increase your income.

Keep in mind that people come to your salon with the expectation of being more beautiful, and your first impression will be their decision factor in future. Interiors and design of your salon plays a significant role in drawing attention of your prospective customers. The beautiful atmosphere creates hypnotizing environment for your customers. It drags them repeatedly to your salon every time they need salon and spa treatments.

One thing that makes a big difference in overall look and feel of your salon spa is the furniture and accessories. You may have best salon equipments to make over the look of your customers, but you also need to give them a feeling of choosing the best. Equip your beauty or spa salon with the latest, most modern sap and salon furniture. These days, expert salon furniture manufacturers are concentrating over the comfort of end-users along with the design and look constraints.

Manufacturers of salon furniture are designing and developing excellent furniture for your reception desk to your bathroom, relaxation room, massage room, and changing room. A few most popular piece of designer salon furniture being used by leading salons are: reception desk, manicure tables, chairs, sinks and basins, UV dryers, and color racks.

You can give maximum pleasure and service satisfaction to your customers through beautifully designed salon furniture. Salon furniture such as plush headrests chairs equipped with hand-held remote controls let the customer full control over their relaxation experience.

Salon furniture customization is also an innovative feature provided by salon furniture manufacturers. They ship custom orders on customers, request. Therefore, plan correctly to reinvent the beauty of salon spas giving you an improved platform to make money.