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Bikini Waxing Styles

You might not know, but there are many bikini waxing styles and genres to choose from. If you want more or less, you can choose what’s best for you.

Just bear in mind that every salon and spa has its own name or versions of how or what hair should be removed for the price of their menus. And just because the facility offers bikini waxes, doesn’t automatically mean that they have all styles for men and women. This article depicts the style that will be applied to women.

Essential Bikini Waxing Styles:

  • Regular Bikini Wax: This style removes the hair outside the panty line. You can choose it if you are going to have it on first time, or you are just looking for a cleanup.
  • Full Bikini Wax: This style takes the side of the bikini line deeper than the regular bikini wax, and may also include hair removal on top to create a more defined triangle area, or cutting the hair below the lower left. You can choose this style if you want to keep hair, but wish more definition than a cleanup.
  • French Bikini Wax: This style removes all the hair from the front (except a small band) and continues to right before the back. It does not take the hair from the back like in Brazilian waxing. You can choose this style if you want the area mostly beautiful smooth with most hair removed, but do not wish to take off any hair from your back.
  • Brazilian Bikini Wax: This style removes all hair from the bikini line from front to the back. Every so often a small strip or triangle is left at the front. You can choose this style if you wear a thong bikini, or wish to be completely hairless in front and back.

Keep in mind; you are in control of your bikini wax. Thus please tell your waxing technician your preferences, where and how much hair you want removed or left. They can adapt the style that suits your needs and desires.

Want to go to the next level? Find a Bikini Waxing Salons in your area.

How to Wax Facial Hair, Girls?

1. Think about buying a sugar wax / honey wax or some other kind waxing associated hardening liquid. Honey wax is very superior, takes the hair off clean, and leaves skin extremely soft and smooth. Although slightly more expensive, but worth it!

2. If you buy the wax, other than to do this, most come with large cuttable pieces of tissue. This is said to remove hair.

3. Get “Popsicle-stick” like the one that doctors use to check your tonsils. They work extremely well for applying wax.

4. Now you have your supplies, think having someone do it for you. If it is too uncomfortable, find a big mirror and place it as close as to you without having to hold it. You can sit on your sink in the bathroom, or if you have one in your room, that works great!

5. Apply wax with “Popsicle-stick”, or what you have chosen, and cut up a half inch wide clean cloth piece, and make it about as long as one side of your lip.

6. Apply a cloth and wipe it well, and wait about 10 seconds, rubbing it in as hard as you can without hurting yourself.

7. For those of you still stuck on number 5, it does not hurt that much. Has anyone ever pinched you? That’s how it feels like for about half a second, and then it gets really tingly.

8. Repeat step 5 on the opposite side, and then repeat again in the middle of the upper lip.

9. If you get redness, use Baby power. Baby powder can help with the redness.

10. Viola! You have got an upper lip taken from a baby’s bottom!

Tips for Good Waxing

No matter what age you are – unwanted body hair is a fact of life, which becomes especially annoying in the summer. Can you imagine yourself at a popular resort, as a hairy-legged gal fabulously clad in a designer bikini? If not, these at-home waxing tips could be of a great help!

Unfortunately, the tools for hair removal are not perfect:

  • Shaving can lead to cuts, skin irritations, and ingrown hairs. Another gloomy fact about razors is that they make hair thicker and can even trigger its further growth. In addition, fabulous after-shave smoothness does not last long…
  • Laser removal is a costly, long, and painful process, which does not necessarily guarantee a perfect result.
  • Waxing (applying hot wax to the skin and then quickly ripping it off) is not perfect either, but it is way cheaper than lasering, lasts much longer than shaving, and can easily be performed at home. A word of caution, though – unskilful waxing can result in bruising or torn skin, which would not look too appealing no matter what side of the bathing suit you are on…

In order to avoid disturbing results of clumsy waxing, and to ensure the perfect fruit of your waxing efforts – oh, that virginally smooth skin! – read and apply our 5-at-home-waxing-tips-from-the-pros:

1. Never wax just after sunbathing or a tanning salon …

Tanning always harms epidermis – the outer layer of skin. So, when you are putting hot wax on it, pulling and ripping it off can peel a few layers of your skin, and you can end up with visible bruises or even scabs.

2. After waxing, wait at least a few hours …

… Before going into a hot tub, sauna, or a public swimming pool. Otherwise, you might be in danger of getting unpleasant skin infections. Slight damage to the skin, caused by waxing, coupled with improperly maintained water provides a breeding ground for bacteria.

3. Do not wax if you have …

  • Skin allergies
  • Acne
  • Any other skin disorder
  • Very sensitive skin

Buy a bathing suit with shorts or a cute skirt and have a nice summer, “au naturel” – your health is still more important!

4. Always read instructions for the waxing products you are using …

Otherwise you might end up with burns or clumps of wax stuck to your skin – uncomfortable and absolutely un-beach worthy…

5. If you are not sure how to wax – call a salon for information …

When it comes to at-home waxing, it’s better not to do something than to do and then regret. If you are unsure about how to use the waxing product you purchased, call the nearest beauty salon for a professional advice. Most of the professionals will gladly explain how to work your home kit and their piece of advice will guarantee you a healthy, beautiful, and hair-free summer!