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How to Pay Less for Manicure and Pedicure

Everybody feels a little fresher once their nails are done. Though, manicures and pedicures can get costly. Here’s how to feel like a million bucks for a little less.

Step # 1:

The majority salons offer a discount if you get your nails done on less busy days such as Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Make your appointment on one of those days.

Step # 2:

Prior to making an appointment, stopover the salon and watch for any signs advertising a special offer. Many salons’ “beginning of week specials” offer both a manicure and pedicure a lot cheaper than if bought individually.

Step # 3:

If you follow steps one and two you will end up paying a lot less than a weekend appointment in which you purchase each service separately.

What is fish pedicure?

Fish nibble away dead skin in a person’s feet, thus cleaning the feet – this is called “Fish Pedicure”. Garra rufa (aka nibble fish), more frequently known as the doctor fish are used for fish pedicure. This fish were originally popular in Turkey, and gradually made their way into the Asian countries and rest of the world. As these fishes are toothless they can nibble the affected and dead areas of the skin, leaving the healthy skin to grow.

As they are toothless, they cannot bite live skin and this practice is absolutely harmless and safe. These fishes can work superbly on calluses and other tough growth on the feet. They just gnaw into them and soften the feet. Overweight people, people standing in long hours at work, the dancers and athletes benefit greatly from the fish pedicure.

Fish pedicure procedure

Person who is going to have fish pedicure requested to immerse their fee in the water tanks that have the doctor fish. They should keep their feet immersed in the tank for about 15 to 30 minutes after that a routine pedicure session takes place. During this period the fishes clean as much dead skin area as possible leaving feet soft and shiny. A foot massage, scrubbing, nail trimming and toe polishing will be carried out in routing pedicure session.

Where can you find fish pedicure

Fish pedicures are very popular in Turkey and many Asian countries. In the U.S., fish pedicure is getting popular day by day; you can search on the Internet to find a salon who is offering fish pedicure. For your easy I am referring a site called http://salonspasource.com, where you can find most of the United States salons and spas listing categorized by State, City, and Services.

Charges for fish pedicure

US$ 35 for 15 minutes
US$ 50 for 30 minutes

Benefits of fish pedicure

  • Corns, calluses, heel cracks and other foot conditions that can lead to serious foot problems can be prevented through fish pedicure.
  • With a fish pedicure feet are well hydrated and get a fresh, soft and smooth look.
  • Common pedicure processes can lead to cuts, thus causing infections. With this type of pedicure no blades are used, hence making it a safe pedicure procedure.
  • Fish pedicure helps people with arthritis, because this pedicure involves heat treatment.

6 Signs of a Hygienic Pedicure Salon

A pedicure is a fantastic extravagance for tired feet. At the wrong pedicure salon, on the other hand, you could come away with nail fungus, ringworm or even a serious leg infection. To stay away from turning your extravagance into a nightmare, be awake of some safety guidelines when choosing a pedicure salon. Read on to find out when to relax and when to run.

Sign 1: Wear Protection

Wear a mask to keep away from inhaling detrimental chemicals if you get acrylics. The pedicure specialist should be wearing one, too.

Sign 2: Jet baths are a bad thing

Keep away from spa chairs with jet baths. Salons should change the water filters after every use, but unfortunately that hardly ever happens. And due to this used water gets circulated through the system again and again. Therefore, look for ceramic or stainless steel basins without a spa chair or ask the salon to change the water filter in front of you before you soak.

Sign 3: Check out the pedicure tools

If possible, carry your own tools (e.g. file, buffer, toe separator) to be 100% safe. Or, ensure disposable items come fresh out of a sealed package every time.

Sign 4: Sterilize

Pedicure tools sterilized in a UV light sanitizer must be laid flat and exposed to the light for 25 minutes. Check to see if the machine has a timer or is being monitored.

Sign 5: And sterilize again

Find salons that use an autoclave, which is a pressurized sterilizing system the one you see in the dentist’s office.

Sign 6: When all else fails

Trust your instincts. If anything appears off, talk to salon or walk out the door.