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Pamper yourself with a manicure

Indulge a little with a professional manicure that will leave your nails looking perfected. Our Major Salons professional manicurists will clean your nails, trim your cuticles, and buff and polish your nails. Once your Major Salons manicure is finished, your hands and nails will look as clean as ever. Don’t feel guilty — you deserve a fantastic manicure.

Schedule a manicure appointment that will give you healthy nails — hands down

It is important to take care of your hands and nails. Manicures are beauty treatments designed to do just that. A professional manicurist will clean and shape your fingernails, but also moisturize your skin, leaving your hands looking radiant. Your Major Salons manicurist will go over every detail to ensure you receive your dream manicure. Get the manicure treatment perfect for you.

Give your hands the manicure they deserve

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment that has been used for more than 5,000 years, with origins tracing back to China and India. The word manicure comes from the Latin words “manus”, meaning hand, and “cura”, which means care. Take the time out of your busy schedule to get a manicure so your hands and nails look their best. Our Major Salons manicurists in major cities, across US, will do the rest.

Feel rejuvenated with a new manicure in major cities, across US

Your Major Salons manicure treatment will make it easy to have healthy looking nails. Don’t do it yourself — let a professional at a manicure spa and a manicure salon refine your nails. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing experience, prepare for an important event, or just want your hands to look their best every day, a nails manicure is the way to go. Look for a salon or spa with a dedicated nail manicure room where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your manicure treatment.

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