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Apply finishing touches with nail add-ons

Customize your manicure or pedicure with nail add-ons to enhance the look of your nails. Choose from a menu of nail add-ons at Major Salons in major cities, across US, that can make your hands and feet look even more professionally polished. Make a manicure or pedicure with nail add-ons part of your beauty ritual.

Take your nail treatments to the next level with nail add-ons

Nail add-ons give you a more polished look. Make your manicure or pedicure extra special with nail add-ons perfected by a Major Salons manicurist. Managing your own nails can be tricky. Let a professional nail technician or manicurist make your nails look exquisite.

Add style to your manicure with nail add-ons in major cities, across US

There is no better way to make your hands more attractive than with a perfect manicure. Ask your manicurist for a menu of nail add-ons to complete the look. Nail add-ons are additional treatments, designed to pamper you until you look salon perfected. You use your hands every day. Add some style to your hands with nail add-ons.

Give pedicures an extra boost of luxury with nail add-ons

Well-groomed feet are happy feet. Pick from an assortment of nail add-ons to take your pedicure to the next level. Enjoy nail add-ons, such as a special polish, a skin treatment, or a nail design. Afterward, flaunt your feet and toes with a classy shoe. Give your toes a hard-earned pedicure with nail add-ons. Ask your nail tech about nail add-ons in major cities, across US, today.

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