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Be smooth and stubble-free with waxing

Make razor burn and five o’clock shadows a thing of the past with Major Salons waxing services in major cities, across US. Wax it off and your skin will be smooth, sleek, and sexy. Our estheticians work quickly in order to make your waxing experience as pleasant as possible. Hair wax newbies and frequent waxers are always welcome. Book an appointment to get fabulous and hair-free today.

Take control of your hairy situations

You don’t have to hide anymore. Visit a Major Salons esthetician and wax those special places you’ve been covering up. While body waxing can be uncomfortable, there are reasons to embrace it. For one, waxing is a natural hair removal method. And your hair can grow back finer and your skin stays smoother longer than if you shave. Plus, regular hair wax treatments can reduce unwanted hair growth.

Grin and bare it

Face it: there is nothing sexy about stubble or razor burn. Hair removal doesn’t have to involve shaving every day, though. Waxing hair takes it off at the root and keeps it off longer than shaving. So you can step away from that razor! Your Major Salons esthetician will make your waxing appointment as comfortable as possible.

Skin waxing treatments offered at salons and spas in major cities, across US

You are a short trip away from personalized body wax treatments. Waxing salons throughout major cities, across US, differ in available hair removal services. Get to those hard-to-reach spots with a bikini wax or back wax, or flatter your face with a professional eyebrow wax. Hide your razor and tweezers. Use custom waxing methods to avoid the hassle of eliminating stubborn hair.
    • Brazilian Waxing
    • Bikini Waxing
    • Waxing Back
    • Chest Wax
    • Lip Wax
    • Eyebrow Waxing

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